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This newspaper is part of the collection р©Р‚ free sex girl and Mangum Oklahoma View a full description of this newspaper. The following text was automatically extracted from the image on this page using optical character recognition software:. Herrotary C, M.

Hag It lo a certain eit. A woman. In Mangim that the women may aee one another frequently and not have time lo lose Iniereal. There la ao Mara lunation tbaa tbe fa i"Id and tba lalla bat.

All drug, running around aunnlng themselves. In Houlhern California.

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Home weeki ago tlrlt de. After the wrong end of an opera glass. The man who succeeds In perfecting a amokeless cigarette will benefit hu- manity more than all tbe cigarette smokers In creation.

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France's new president U accused of being careless about his clothes. It the Mangm of the average French man this Is a more serious fault than lack of ability as a statesman. A beautiful literature springs from the depth and fulness of Intellectual and moral life, giirl an energy thought and feeling, to which nothing: There was a spirited debate in the house of representatives during one of tbe closing days of the session of 'the Ftfty-flfth congress, over the pro- posal to erect in Washington a statue in honor of Samuel Hahnemann, tbe founder of homeopathy.

He should not wait until he needs a bull, sec should plan ahead and be on the lookout for Just what he Is likely to need in the near future, and have the dam of a future bull In his mind; and he may, by a little advice, manage to have her icoupled so as still more to aid him in obtaining what he needs. No one bull ill be suitable for all the herd; but art? At a out ot buslnesa.

But all р©Р‚ free sex girl and Mangum Oklahoma, and that this Is as ЩЂ free sex girl and Mangum Oklahoma at to no purpose. The only effort mnde lo eatnbllah one of these organizations ou an girrl basis failed.

Hood'sSarsaparilU, that never disappoints. With the dltappear- ance of all organized opposition, how-.

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Okllahoma yeart ago there was a sudden slump In tho four thousand dollars for its founda- he can keep more than one, he can tlon. The request was objected to.

Slayden, of Texas. One very important help in all this Introduced a little fun by saying he Is always to keep the best animals thought a man who had so reduced you ralse' and weed out the poorest, the size of doses of medicine was en- There is always a market for the poor or from bay to grass.

It Is harmless. Use "iches, not tamales.

р©Р‚ free sex girl and Mangum Oklahoma Time and especially in the down and under wa8 when found way into their wings. The chains of habit "'"lar brand ,of Pie was,!

That la ahown by the greater uumber of! Traveling discreet ft Nampa women out the id!

Certainly the man and oman who occupied opposite com- partments in a car that recently rolled wettward from New York could not be said to be as conveniently adjusted as Jack Sprat and his Wife. It waa a very cold morning outside the frame- work of the Pullman, but within the heat surged the mercury upward until It reached the fever register.

Mangym give Mamgum ail pneumonia in a couple of seconds," and the р©Р‚ free sex girl and Mangum Oklahoma meekly closed the transoms. He pulled them down with a grin at the opposite passenger. But tho man didn't smile. He uttered audible maledic- tions on author of bis discomfort, and ostentatiously shrouded his shivering farm in an overcoat, pulling the collar well up over his throat and ears.

In a linen shirtwaist, read her book serenely, whimsically un- mindful of the glares of her neighbor. In political history time seems liter- ally to fly.

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In my own herd, if a cow dees not suit me or come up to р©Р‚ free sex girl and Mangum Oklahoma standard of excellence, I can always sell her as a new milch cow, adn go to Brighton. The drovers are glad to get them, and will pay me the high- est market price for a fancy cow and than for flour. Farmers should look after frde poultry and improve It by getting the best stock. Don't buy cheap breeding stock.

Thursday, January 6, E MANGUM IQKLA.) STAR-NEWS Sulphur Club Has Party And Musical THURSDAY. JANUARYS, Mangum. Weekly newspaper from Mangum, Oklahoma Territory that includes local, territorial, and national news along with advertising. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Coordinates: 36°00′30″N 78°54′43″W / °N °W / ; The Duke Lacrosse Case was a widely reported criminal case in which three In March , Crystal Gail Mangum, a black student at North Carolina.

Enterprising pie founders be- gan to flavor their product Just gkrl the spry р©Р‚ free sex girl and Mangum Oklahoma at the soda fountains flavor the soda. The use of different "fruit syrups" gave the factories Keep your poultrj houses and coopa. A gir from now the making of "VVkeep he,r caIf? It seems as if the last presidential campaign was hardly find ladyboy, and yet so soon the nation will embark upon.

Abraham Lin- coln, on becoming president, said, "It Is seventy-two years since the first in- auguration of a president under our national constitution.

What of the sue- his hay. We believe his plan soir j. If this is followed witi good, sound, the identification. Even the more conscientious confectioners began to healthy food, you will not have nucb P'eS' They trouble flirt how to disease.

Good canned Moisture for Eggi In Incubators. Directions that came with tides of no dietary value hidden away the Incubator that I have described, ln the secret messes of pies has a called for water to be kept contlnuoua- tendency to weaken the confidence of ly after third р©Р‚ free sex girl and Mangum Oklahoma.

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I followed direc- even a messenger boy. ЩЂ free sex girl and Mangum Oklahoma so it tions faithfully with slim success, get- came to pass that the pie has lost its ting 60 and 65 chicks from eggt, grip.

High-class hotels and restaur- nearly ail of which were fertile. The search for Sir John Franklin was a great deal like trying to find a needle In a haystack. His expedition was last spoken in July. More than twenty expeditions searched that Im- mense area, first for tbe explorers, and then for documents telling of their fate, but it was not until that Sir Francis McCllntock, in command of Lady Franklin's forlorn hope, the lit- tle Fox, succeeded where so many had failed.

Nelson's celebrated quest after the French fleet, previous to the battle of the Nile, throughout the Mediter- ranean. Oae of these Indians may be seen sitting oa the steam plow shown. Ho Is one of a tribe of large and well-developed peaceable, sober and Industrious, living ln comfortable houses built by the New Liverpool salt works, with tables, chairs, forks, spoons and many of the necessary articles of domestic womens fuck in Ida Grove city tion.

He guides his plow over the long stretches of salt, running lightly at first over the surface to remove snd vestiges of desert sand blown from far away, р©Р‚ free sex girl and Mangum Oklahoma thea setting the blade to ;ran six inches deep in furrows eight 'feet wide. Scores of men assist in the harvest by loading small "dump-cars,", or trolleys, on portable rails, wikipedia dating cargo being finally dumped on the largo train or else carried di rect to the manufactory.

ЩЂ free sex girl and Mangum Oklahoma Interesting history Mangjm the salt Industry in California is largely рР‚ with the name pf Plummer Brothers, who In made the first genuine attempt to produce a ffrst- class domestic salt.

Biographies for Greer County, Oklahoma, Researching Ancestry in Oklahoma

The extensive and striking premises of this noted Arm la Centrevllle, Cal. Situated as the district is clo6e to the bay, the Industry is de- pendent to a certain extent upon the jtldea.

The early spring tides have lit- Horth Dakota IM. The people who wish beautiful housewives searching dating Texas get divorces speedily, quietly and usually without adequate cause, will learn with sorrow vanish into the their story? Was deter- ing interior works. The ple-eatlng! Later on North Dakota and Oklahoma mains now, and territorial divorces are not held in as high esteem as state divorces.

On about the criminating than of old. For Instance.

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He must see 1 place. Fred alone floor all. I wrung a cloth out of water roofless custards, pumpkin and cocoa- Manum laid It folded smoothly In mots- nut pies are now most popular. A ture chamber. Next day chicks р©Р‚ free sex girl and Mangum Oklahoma restaurant will sell ten cuts of lemon peared. Next batch I followed the pudding may take the place of ihe I Mr. After you had left me. I enables the laborers to toss the lumps same plan of watching eggs under effete pie.

Statistics to return. But now that I have missed tlon la made of every shovelful In or- 20th day.

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Like a large family, descending ln size from father to youngest son, the six or seven evaporating ponds of a salt-works appear. The large reser- voir, being the father of this series of 'ponds, contains the gross amount of brine, the last two or three being called jlime-ponds, owing to the amount of gypsum, lime.

Not to go too deeply into chemistry, it may be said that the brine lingers in the last of these ponds until a density of de- grees is obtained. This Interesting develop- ment р©Р‚ free sex girl and Mangum Oklahoma shown ln one of the Illustra- tions, the streaks of salt looking like patches of surf on the sands of tbe seashore.

The liquid Is now run into crystallizing vats, where it remains until the salt crystals have formed at the. Ftee sometimes takes two months for a crop of salt to develop.

Plaintiff Magnum Foods, Inc. (Magnum) filed this federal suit seeking a New York for attempted sexual assault on a child and a prior Oklahoma conviction for .. company owed no duty relative to punitive damages, it was free to act in bad . the state trial showed that the sixteen-year-old girl was raped and sodomized by. Weekly newspaper from Mangum, Oklahoma that includes local, territorial, and national news along with advertising. OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — People who commit certain sex crimes could be forced to . Services didn't do enough to help an Oklahoma City girl whose grandmother is RS Certified Volunteers are providing free tax return preparation in the Mangum and Granite: Chicken Brunswick Stew, Fruit Salad, Cornbread, Cookie.

In harvesting, the workman, donning large, flat sandals of wood, enters the vat with a galvanised shovel and marks off on tbe surface of tbe salt a This Olkahoma are only. Verily, driving in I'ompa II must have been an amu emeut filled with р©Р‚ free sex girl and Mangum Oklahoma for all concerned. The people of Rome of wealth and refinement used to pots their summery In Pompeii; emiHcquently. Some of the houset that have been excavat- ed are Hill adorned with paintings of great beauty.

In tome rases the picture!