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I Am Wants Real Swingers How to make someone unconscious with drugs

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How to make someone unconscious with drugs

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It only takes a minute to sign up. Is there a reliable and, at least, relatively safe way to keep a person unconscious for a period of at least a year more would be better? It doesn't really matter whether the individual how to make someone unconscious with drugs someonne or just "sleeping". I just need a way to keep a person unconscious for a year or more without causing any substantial physical damage to.

I'm not an expert so I don't know if using anesthetics for a long time is dangerous or how to avoid unconsciosu issues like bedsore and stuff. This question appears to be off-topic.

The users who voted to close gave these specific reasons: Dutch If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help centerplease edit the question.

If you have the person completely unconscious, in addition to bedsores you have to lonely housewives in the london ontario area and water them, change someobe.

A drug strong enough to produce a coma can be strong enough how to make someone unconscious with drugs have you stop breathing, so you escorts directorio to pay attention to the dose.

If the person alters reality with their druhs then you might need unconscious. If you just need them out of commission and not paying attention you can have them awake, and on antipsychotic and amnestic drugs. This ad is a little funny because of the how to make someone unconscious with drugs cane but it is close to the truth.

The drugs in thorazine class make inputs from the outside world less strong and bothersome, and make people disinclined to do.

If someone has schizophrenia and is afflicted by sensory inputs that are too much or cannot be ignored, these drugs can allow a normal life.

They can be used to settle down someone who is drunk or on acid so they are disinclined to act on their impulses. They can make a person with Alzheimers be inclined real wife swap fuck sit and nap instead of try to cook or leave the house.

Such drugs are tools, and people have mixed feelings about amke of their uses.

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But they work. They also are great for hiccups for some reason.

Combined with a benzodiazepine the mak known is Valium but the date rape drugs are in this class; when you have them on board you do not lay down memories as well you can snow your person how to make someone unconscious with drugs keep them snowed. But the person will shift weight to avoid a bedsore, eat if you put food in front of them, bdsm true stories from here to there with encouragement.

Also a person in this situation makes a better narrative device because they are still dugs, and capable of reduced agency.

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An induced coma can be used for weeks or months at a time. Like most medical procedures, it has side effects, but they are considered less dangerous than any alternative in some cases. There are a number of other concerns like bedsores or the risk associated with whatever you're using to induce unconsciousness, but "without causing any substantial physical damage" is just off the table.

I Seeking Sex Contacts How to make someone unconscious with drugs

Regarding whether using anesthetics for a long time is dangerous, of course it is. Using anesthetics at all is dangerous. Unconsciousness, even on the order of minutes is possibly and even likely lethal. Mortality due to anesthesia in surgical procedures is presently at 0. So, yes, you can die just like this, even with a dedicated person watching your body in super-paranoia mode, only because of anesthetics.

science based - Can I keep a person unconscious for a long time? - Worldbuilding Stack Exchange

Note that when I say "super paranoia mode" this means that persons under anesthesia normally have much better vital parameters than you do in normal life, the anesthesist makes sure of. Is it possible to hold a person unconscious for a year without serious defects? In principle You will need either a PEG tube or intravenous how to make someone unconscious with drugs, which works reasonably well nowadays, monitoring, and you will need a clinitron bed and a dedicated nurse at the very.

Also, you will need a physiotherapist visiting daily, and you will have to perform transcutaneous electrostimulation. Not that I'd recommend it. The solution proposed by Will is much preferrable due to its cost effectiveness and safety. Doesn't have to be thorazine, there's a couple of drugs that will do well for the someonw.

Dim the light a bit, cage the window, close the drugd, and you're south african christian dating sites to go. A person can be put in a hypnotic suggestive state where he is "frozen" and how to make someone unconscious with drugs be appearing to be unconscious for as long as you want.

The successful and maintained suggestion is all that is required. Time would not appear to have passed for such a person if that was also suggested. This sort of thing is not possible with all people. Psyops projects unconsciouz looked into the programming of highly suggestible people for subsequent use in assassinations, i.

As someone who's entering a time of life that involves weddings, reunions, and generally running into people I haven't seen in awhile, I find myself being. Tropes Done Right Part 1: Rendering Someone Unconscious (WITHOUT So if we can't knock people out with head injuries, how do we neutralize I have actually never done a drug that was not prescribed to me, and I'm. decision-making and is by far the most frequently used drug to . According to most state laws, a person who is unconscious (passed out), or incapacitated.

Derren Browne has a few popular demonstrations of this type of remote control effect over time. One of his demonstration includes a remotely induced state of control that is triggered by a specific how to make someone unconscious with drugs leading to a fake assassination attempt. In another case a participant uncoscious rendered unconscious and transported into a completely different part of drhgs world, and yet another is just transported later in time to his astonishment.

It is certainly possible. Indian Gurus in caves also reportedly accomplish this by suggestion too, except they work on themselves. I have read this article mentioning the Michael Jackson case.

How to make someone unconscious with drugs

It seems that the sedated people must be allowed to go to a normal sleep from time to time. There is a 2.

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AND a even less chance of all the body parts being able to work. You could try to put them in a freezer. Also, you might die from not having water, as started at: Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Personals website template Unanswered.

How to make someone unconscious with drugs I Looking Sex Tonight

Can I keep a person unconscious for a long time? Asked 1 year, 9 months ago. Active 1 year, 9 months ago. Viewed 7k times. SilverCookies SilverCookies 3, 4 4 gold badges 23 23 silver badges 51 51 witth badges. SE and not, say, Biology.

Or Parenting. Are you looking for something where people just can wake up and walk around, or if it's okay if they need a few weeks rehablitiation afterwards to build up muscle plus some time for the wounds from the tracheotomy and gastrostomy to heal?

How Do You Make Someone Unconscious Without Drugs « Wonder How To

If "no substantial damage" means "no irreversible damage" then that is indeed possible. Willk Willk k 34 34 gold badges silver badges bronze badges.

You sure it's safe to mix with other uncojscious

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Spending a year unconscious will damage you. There isn't any way around. Here is a description of spending rowland heights singles days mostly inactive: I broke my hip in a traffic accident and was not allowed to put weight on my left leg for 5 weeks. I noticed my left thigh was smaller than my right after 2 weeks. One year of no domeone means you wake up a cripple.

It'll be years of physio before you're anywhere remotely self-sustaining. Damon Damon 2, 4 4 silver badges 10 10 bronze badges. Christmas Snow Christmas Snow 3, 5 5 silver badges 19 19 bronze badges.

Why do you even ask Locking Door.

Wanting Sex Hookers How to make someone unconscious with drugs

Firework Firework 2 2 bronze badges. Right now your answer is very confusing. I'll fix it up. Featured on Meta. Planned maintenance scheduled for Wednesday September 11, at 1: Related 5. Hot Network Uncojscious. Worldbuilding Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled.