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Someone come smoke with me tonight Looking Swinger Couples

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Someone come smoke with me tonight

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Smoke me up drugs. Used to ask someone for or to return a favor.

Deriving from weed culture for when someone lets you smoke their weed with them for freeis now often used to ask for any kind of favor. Could you smoke me up on a couple beers tonight?

Senior Sunday DMU Adam And The Ants Arabian Goggles I just pack up bowls too bc everyone else is. I'm just literally never dry. Nov 5, Messages: I don't think its a big deal.

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When I used to make beer people came over to drink it all the time. May 3, Messages: Make up an excuse.

I guess it's not really a bad thing. I like smoking with people and I know if I am ever dry they will smoke me.

Someone come smoke with me tonight Want Real Swingers

Wmoke was just wondering what people thought of it. I hate it when people come right out and ask me to get them high.

Chances are I would have anyway, but when you ask it's just rude. Instead it sounds like they only wanna get high.

Oct 22, Wlth Id smoke em down if your eating there food or drinking there alcohol. Or if their your best friends. May 30, Messages: Oct 1, Messages: I just find it ridiculous how greedy people can be.

It's just god damn ridiculous. I say just smoke people out and enjoy people's company.

Aug 28, Messages: Use it OP, IM sure it will work lol. Sep 24, Messages: If you like smokin with em then go for it man, smoke em.

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But if its repetitive and he asks you to get them high like he did, that's fucked. Maybe next time be like ay I haven't picked up it cool if you smoke me up?

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If they never offer or never pitch money when you smoke them. But if my friend asked me to bring my stuff to get him and two other friends high I'd feel pretty used.

I'd be withh annoyed but probably still smoke them out because they're friends lol. You must log in or sign up to post. Show Ignored Content.