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Why should we date

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A man that knows how to treat a lady. Place discreet in subject line and lets write about what we can. I am waiting for a mutually beneficial arrangement with a beautiful woman, ages 25-40 who knows what why should we date wants.

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As human beings we have what can be considered some of the strangest mating rituals in the animal kingdom. Most species hook up with members of the opposite sex to procreate and nothing. There is no emotional bond shouuld ties them together for the rest of their lives other than the need to continue the species. Sure, you can say why should we date many animals have mating rituals that rival.

There are sbould birds that flaunt their colorful plumage trying to attract a female, but are that really dating or just a type of seduction? Dating is a form of seduction, only for us humans it can sometimes take a much longer time why should we date the desired results to be.

In the animal world there is a specific time of the year when seduction suould mating why should we date take place, and with the exception of humans, dolphins and some primates, animals mate to continue their species and not for the pure pleasure of it. For most animals it is the drive to survive as a species.

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Just think of all the things we do to try and impress that special. And why do we want to impress them?

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To impress someone we are interested in? I would say yes on that one.

To continue the human species? This is a far more subjective question.

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Do we really need more humans on the world? Just for the fun of it?

Meeting new people is fun. Particularly if you are attracted to.

Dating is fun and it introduces us to whole new ways of thinking and approaching people. Skip to content. Why We Date.

Nov 5 So why do we date? Right free coaching free dating advice how to find a soulmate how to find why should we date how to get in a wny polina solda purpose of dating relationship advice relationship coach relationship expert why we date. Previous Previous post: The Best Dates Are Free.