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These cartels have a history of sexually assaulting the family members of their target, and forcing the target to observe.

And that's only the tip of the blood-soaked iceberg. Even worse, Hernandez's face was reportedly peeled off after he was killed and stitched women from sinaloa a football. Drug cartels like the Sinaloa have been known to sianloa buses and blow apart roadways.

Fox News. One senior U.

S law enforcement official said it's routine to wake up to reports of a murder accompanied by a swath of women from sinaloa graphic images - from headless torsos dumped into acid baths, to gouged-out eyes and other body parts. Craig Caine, a retired longtime veteran of the U.

Caine recalled seeing warehouses in Brooklyn loaded with drugs women from sinaloa money, in which the enforced dress code for women was being wo,en, while mixing women from sinaloa of crack cocaine on behalf of the cartels.

The women would then endure humiliating body searches before leaving, to ensure no product had been pilfered.

Bodies lie beside a road after a shooting in Mexico's Sinaloa state this past Women from sinaloa. And while the vast majority of the barbarity takes place south of the U.

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Mendoza had reportedly tried to shift a quarter kilo of women from sinaloa from Womem, Ga. But on the journey, the men are said to have raised the alarm about someone double-dealing.

Sensing the danger, Mendoza texted an unidentified friend, asking her to meet. But the men with Mendoza are believed to have discovered the texts late that night.

online sex malaysia They woke up Mendoza and her grandchild, and told them they would be transported to safety.

They instead took them to a nearby cemetery, where Mendoza was repeatedly stabbed, prosecutors said, and left to die. Both men women from sinaloa been charged with two counts of capital murder.

South of the border, meanwhile, officials say the Sinaloa is responsible for much of the cartel-linked violence that has left an estimated 80, dead sknaloawhen the Mexican government officially launched a war on drug trafficking. Other experts put that number much higher, and say as many asmay have women from sinaloa victim to the drug gangs.

Another 26, people are said to have gone missing during that time. Violence typically surges in times when cartels are squabbling for further territorial control or when faced with a military offensive. Women from sinaloa are often killed for standing up to the fromm or to damage the rule of law.

Civilians are killed for testifying in court or for informing on the cartel. According to experts, specialized hitmen have a crucial and women from sinaloa important role within the Sinaloa structure. She has extensively reported from war zones including Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Burma, and Latin America investigates fron conflicts, war crimes and terrorism women from sinaloa the world.

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